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McIntyre Feed Lot


Many years ago I used to attend the Aylmer Market with my paintings, Barbie doll clothes and little wooden toys that David made. I had my table beside my Mom and Dad’s hot tub booth. I got to know all the regular vendors over the eight years I attended the market.

One of those vendors was the Cookie King from Appin. My kids were all small then and they consumed cookies faster than I could bake them. One day I needed a box of cookies and I didn’t want to wait till market on Tuesday, so I drove up Currie Road to Appin. I always carried my camera with me so I didn’t miss any great shots. Was I ever glad I did that day.

How many of these old feed lots like this are left? Not too many.

I love the abandon look of the place with the weeds sprouting up everywhere. Notice the old-fashioned gas pump, a real collector’s item today. I know the feedlot had a colourful history but this was about the old style rambling buildings and fences.

This is just another part of our agricultural scenery that’s disappearing.

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